Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Is the burst effect of the Fireball dangerous?
A: NO, the ball is harmless to people, animals, and property. The shell of the Fireball is made from expanded foam (polyethylene), and the dispersing powder is non-toxic mono-ammonium phosphate.

Q: Where can I refill the Fireball after 5 years?
A: Fireball is not refillable; it has a lifespan of 5 years – maintenance free. You must replace it after 5 years, or after it was used.

Q: Where do I get a replacement?
A: The Fireball is available from dealerships and agents throughout South Africa who will help you with the replacement procedure, assessments, and installation questions.

Q: Will the Fireball activate if in contact with heat?
A: NO, the Fireball can withstand heat of up to 200 ºC. The Fireball only self-activates when it comes into contact with an open flame.

Q: Where can I install the Fireball?
A: Fireball South Africa dealers and agents will help you with evaluation and installation.

Q: What type of fires can Fireball extinguish?
Class A fires: Fires involving wood, paper, and plastics
Class B fires: Fires involving flammable liquids
Class C fires: Fires involving electrical equipment

The Fireball can also be rolled or thrown into a fire; the ball will burst within 3 to 7 seconds after coming in contact with open flames, and extinguish the fire.

Q: Can the ball be installed on the outside of the building?
A: NO, it is for indoor use only.

Q: Can I throw the Fireball into a drum of flammable liquid?
A: NO, do not throw the ball into flammable liquid, as spillage will spread the fire. Only use in wall-mounted bracket, installed above the liquid.

Q: What size fire does the Fireball extinguish?
A: Fireball can extinguish Class 3A, Class 21B and Class C fires.

Q: Does Fireball stop or prevent fires?
A: Fireballs are designed to extinguish a fire as it starts, and stop it from spreading (pre-burn) or becoming bigger. When installed correctly, it will stop or slow down the development of a fire.

Q: If the Fireball falls and gets damaged, will it still activate?
A: The Fireball passed the drop test. Please inspect the ball for damage or powder leakages immediately after a fall. In the unlikely event of damage or powder spillage, you must replace the Fireball to ensure effectiveness. If outer covering is damaged, ripped, or removed – replace the Fireball immediately.

The Fireball South Africa team will gladly assist you with any further information to protect your property against fires.

Fireball – an effective device in your fire-prevention programme.